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Does your company is experiencing internal problems? in production? Logistics? Human Resources? Business Process does not have, or Job Desc Organizational Structure? Want to grow your company confused but would be taken to where your company? Ekspand products or want to?

Find all your answers in the Business Strategy. We are business strategy consultants that you committed and have the vision and mission to help companies such as improving your self into a the best. Supported by  consultants experienced in their respective industries and supported by higher education, we have helped more than 200 companies local and foreign to improve themselves and become a company that mission and become a leader.

You may ask my company is not a small company PT or CV can do? Yes, We Can.
For each of our intention to become entrepreneurs and open field work will help us to improve the business and find patterns that should be owned by a business. If your company is still small, because we do not thus pleased to see your company become a large company when we become a management consultant you. That means that our services are useless to make you not?

What We Offer in the Repair Management Company?
As a management consultant your business, we offer a repair system from the company’s internal and external. From the side of the internal improvements we will do from the process of supply, production, logistics, warehouse, delivery, to up to the customer. From the external side is improved from the point of distribution and marketing strategy.

How can we do it all?
Before your business management consultant, we will do business checkups to know where the problems lie with the company so that it is easier to refine the system.

Is it?
No. In our consultations, if you become our client we will offer the best solution that will get you. Because one thing that our commitment is our only take one company to become our client in the same field. So, if your company active in paper mills or services between the service company, we will only take one of the companies highlighted in the same. We do this to maintain our integrity and our commitment to make our client companies in their fields. Therefore, Call now also get the opportunity to become the first client in our respective businesses.

What if we want to improve just one division?
Yes, We Can. We will not refuse if you want to improve the company from one side or the division only. Of course you know that most problems that your company actually. Contact us now to get information and a presentation from us.

Call me Now:
REKO Handoyo, S. IP
Business Consultant
PT. Sien Corpora  (SIEN Consultants)
Jl. Radiul No. 6 Jatipulo TOMANG West Jakarta, Indonesia
Mobile:, 0813 89411679, 081932985325, 081807902678
Office telp :021-98567515, 5682655 fax: 021-5682655
Email: reko.handoyo @ gmail.com, reko@sienconsultant.com


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